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The “Care” Part of Healthcare

The following is a guest post by Dr. Michael Burcham.

The most important part of the word healthcare is “care.” Yet it’s the part that is most often not delivered. For too many people, healthcare just happens — they are swept along in a flow of tests, referrals and appointments. They want to understand why - but get precious few minutes to engage. The most consistent thing they get from the healthcare system are multiple billings and threats of collection agencies if payment is not timely. More and more consumers feel frustration in this highly impersonal maze of providers.

Individuals facing a serious medical situation long for meaningful interaction. They would love to have someone truly listen, provide personal support and offer specific guidance for them and their family.

Our patients and their families have all grown tired of the status quo. They want a hassle-free experience and coordinated care. They want to build a trusted relationship with our healthcare community.

Imagine if we in healthcare actually engaged the individual at the very beginning of their medical journey and remained supportive till their issue was resolved. Imagine a highly personalized experience that offered options. It’s really not that hard - it simply involves the proper fusion of people, process and technology with a commitment to “care.”

We’ve all been touched by medical crisis or know someone close to us who has been impacted by such an experience. In these times of intense difficulty - let’s treat our patients and their families as we would treat our own. Let’s return the word “care” to the experience.

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