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Navigating the medical system and knowing what is best for your health can be daunting. Care management provides direction and clarity for you. Our Care Managers are healthcare professionals  with years of experience and are observant clinicians and expert listeners. Their experience in healthcare allows them to notice small changes and potential problems before they turn into emergencies. Our care managers promote communication between you and different health care providers including doctors, social workers, and family members to help meet your immediate and long-term care needs. They are constantly listening for clues about what would make your living environment safer, you more comfortable and improve your well-being. The care managers are available any hour every day and will be involved with any complications or emergencies that arise in off hours and will make sure you get the treatment you need especially if family is out-of-state.



  • At the start of care management, an in-home assessment which includes a review of all concerns including medical-surgical, social or emotional and a physical examination. The review includes input from those people who are important and close to you.

  •  The Care Manager will discuss your care goals. What is important to you is an essential part of the care plan.

  • Your Care Manager will develop an individualized and comprehensive plan of care meant to  improve  your quality of life and overall health. Our care management plans have helped with everything from "being able to eat solid food again without aspirating" to coordinating health professionals, recreational activity, and more. 

  •  Your  Care Manager becomes the point person to direct your care needs utilizing the plan. The care plan is then used as a guide for all members of the team to follow and document any changes in your condition.

  • They will make sure that medications are taken correctly and timely and that all medical documentation is organized and easily accessible.

  • Care Managers will attend appointments with you. This is especially helpful if family members live out of state and want to ensure that you are  getting the kind of care you need. 

  • Care Managers advocate for you and provide you with education about your specific health conditions.

  • Care Managers also provide other invaluable forms of support. They help with home modifications, ordering medical equipment, transportation, and documentation for the patient to either stay in their home safely or transition to an assisted living facility The patient will have all their medical forms updated and ready for any change of condition.


Care Management can be life changing. If you have questions about how to start receiving care management or you would like an assessment, call our office to speak with one of our care liaisons.

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