Our Nurse Care Mangers are professional observers and expert listeners. Their years of experience in healthcare allow them to flag potential problems before they turn into emergencies. They are constantly listening for clues about what brings joy and would make your living environment safer and more comfortable.  They act as the integrative piece between your care goals and your doctors, advocating for you personally and medically.  Our goal with care management is to empower you to live life well. 



  • At the start of in-home care, an assessment is performed and the Care Manager writes up a care plan based on the medical and personal needs of the client. 

  • The care plan is then used as a guide for all members of the team to follow and document any changes in the client’s health. In addition to creating a plan of care,

  • The Care Manager checks in with family and client to create the best possible plan of care. The Care Manager will discuss your care goals. Our Care Managers have helped with everything from "being able to eat solid food again without aspirating" to coordinating mental health professionals, recreational activity and more. 

  • RN Care Managers can attend appointments with you or your loved one. This is especially helpful if family members live out of state and want to ensure that their loved one is getting the kind of care they need. 

  • Care Managers also provide other invaluable forms of support: transitional support, continuity of care, family and client education, and coordination of outside resources. All of these contribute to higher quality of care, better outcomes for the client, prevention of readmission to hospitals, and fewer life-threatening situations. 


Care Management can be life changing. If you have questions about how to start receiving care management or you would like an assessment, call our office to speak with one of our care liaisons.