The EverHome culture always puts people first. We want to bring safety and enjoyment to people's lives, and it takes dedication to accomplish that vision. These are the values that we are committed to carrying out.

EXCELLENCE | We breathe, eat and sleep quality. We do not cut corners. 

ACCOUNTABILITY | We are authentic and real. We mean what we say and we say what we mean.


EMPATHY | We aim for everyone to feel seen, heard, and cared for. We believe this comes out naturally when we have a sense of understanding and compassion. 

TRUST | We believe the best, because we hire the best. We have experts in every department and trust them to do the best job they can do. 

TEAMWORK | We all pitch in when it's needed and support each other's efforts. We set clear expectations, so we do not leave each other hanging. 

LEARNING | We are life-long learners. We refuse to stay stagnant. We are always changing, adapting and growing. 

RESULTS | We are goal-oriented. We have vision for our company, our people and our clients. 


"I’ve been extremely pleased with every aspect of EverHome Healthcare. Even though I am a medical professional, I had no idea how to manage my husband's medical problems and rehabilitation needs following a severe stroke. I made one call to EverHome Healthcare when my husband was ready to come home, and we had a team of professional therapists (PT, OT and Speech) and Care Specialists, coordinated by a very capable, involved and reassuring Clinical Supervisor. The Care Specialists are delightful companions and mindful caregivers. In addition to assisting with personal and medical care, they help implement speech and physical therapy plans on a day-to-day basis. My husband's progress has been extraordinary, thanks to the coordinated efforts of the staff from EverHome Healthcare. He and I have a very full and satisfying life with help from these skilled and supportive individuals."

— Joan C. M.D.

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