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COVID-19 Response

As a healthcare organization, a pandemic like Covid-19 is something that we have theorized, discussed, and made plans for at the conference table.  Still, no matter how much disaster preparation and strategizing are done, the real test comes in the middle of the fire. 


We are, as with the rest of the world, watching the effects of Covid-19 and strategizing on the ways we may alleviate the rising strain on our healthcare system. As a company that is doctor-owned and managed by nurses, we understand the unique call of healthcare providers to stay the course - to be present, when others have been called to be home.  Many of us are feeling scared and uncertain of what the future may bring, but at EverHome our mission has not changed. We will continue to provide much needed medical support and care to our current and future clients.  


Our response to Covid has needed to be swift and unified. Over the past few weeks, we have developed and honed our strategy of responding to the pandemic. You can expect to receive further updates on the status of our efforts. 


To find out more about our specific policies regarding Covid, please continue reading. 


Who is EverHome relying upon for information regarding Covid-19?


Our executive director, Peter Rigby, wrote an article to a cohort of several Home Care and Home Health agencies about the dissemination of information and unification among healthcare entities during this time. To read the full article, click here. We are actively corresponding with the CDC and local health officials, as well as communicating with our broader network of healthcare professionals for guidance. 


How is EverHome operating during the pandemic? 


As an essential business, we are operating at full capacity. It is all hands on deck. As of March 25th, 2020, zero (0) members of our staff and zero (0) of our clients have tested positive for Covid-19.  That being said, we have as many non-clinical employees working from home as possible to prevent the potential spread of the infection within our office space. Those who are working in the office are doing so by following the recommendations set in place by the CDC for limiting the spread of infection. Such measures include frequent handwashing, social distancing (only occupying spaces that are at least 6 ft or more away from others.), and twice daily sanitization of common use areas/personal spaces. In the field, we have enacted stringent screening and tracking measures, to monitor the state of our employees and where they have been. More on our in the field measures can be found below. 

In addition, we have developed a program called Safe at Home to act as an alternative to skilled nursing facilities. This program is for patients who are discharging from the hospital but still require rehabilitative services and would like to avoid being in close proximity to other recovering individuals. If you are interested in the Safe at Home program, please read more on the Safe at Home page


What steps is EverHome taking to ensure my loved one’s safety?


EverHome is taking the potential infection of our clients and staff very seriously. Currently, we are acting as though everyone we interact with has been potentially exposed. We are doing daily monitoring of symptoms for all staff and clients before entering a home and beginning a visit/shift, followed by check-ins as needed with our clinical director, Marie Mitchell-Crane, BSN MS. If any of our staff members is exhibiting symptoms, they will be told to stay home and self-isolate until their symptoms have met the qualifications laid out by the CDC.  Furthermore, if a client is exhibiting symptoms, the use of available personal protective equipment will be used and continual monitoring for severity of illness will be done. Caregivers and clinicians who work with clients who have tested positive for Covid, will be restricted from seeing other clients, and further conversations will be had with our clinical team. Furthermore, we are asking our staff members to disclose any additional places they may work, so we can track and ensure that we are not spreading infection unnecessarily. 

Is EverHome actively accepting patients who have tested positive for Covid-19?

We understand that there will likely be an influx in patients discharging from the hospital, who have tested positive for Covid-19. These people may need follow up care upon returning home. As a Joint Commission Accredited home health agency, we have the appropriate standards in place and ability to take on such clients. Clients who have tested positive for Covid will be taken on a case by case basis and will have strict interaction protocols in place. Protocols will include the daily monitoring of symptoms, scheduled sanitation of living conditions, as well as the proper use of available personal protective equipment. 

We are with you. We are here. Together we can overcome.     




The EverHome Management Team 

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