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A Rehabilitative Alternative to Skilled Nursing Facilities


Following a major injury or hospitalization, many people are not in a place to simply go home and resume “normal” life. In order to be successful, they need medical oversight from doctors and nurses, 24-hour support, and rehabilitation experts, such as physical, occupational and speech therapists. 


The historic solution has been to send patients who are discharging from the hospital to a skilled nursing facility, also referred to as a SNF. Skilled Nursing Facilities do an essential job of transitioning patients out of the hospital setting, but they also have drawbacks. A high concentration of patients means higher infection rates, less privacy, less control of schedule, and strict family visiting policies. EverHome’s Safe at Home program offers an alternative to the traditional model. 


PROGRAM LENGTH: 2 to 6 weeks


PROGRAM FREQUENCY: 5 days a week, with daily therapy visits. Caregiving can continue on the weekends, if needed. 


PAYMENT OPTIONS: Long-Term Care Insurance, OR Private Pay




  • Medical Director (Oversight)

  • Medical Case Social Worker

  • Nurse

  • Physical Therapist

  • Occupational Therapist

  • Speech Language Pathologist

  • Care Specialists (From short-term acute care to 24-hour care)

Comfort of Home

Recovering in your own home offers the most privacy. In many SNFs, patient rooms and common areas, such as bathrooms, are shared. 


One-on-One Caregiver Support

Our program affords the opportunity to have a dedicated caregiver. Enjoy more flexibility with bathing time, frequency of visits, and food choice, etc…


Family Involvement 

Being home means having the freedom to visit with family members on your terms and have them involved in your care. 


Reduced Chance of Infection

Less contact with fewer individuals, means that chances of infection due to bacteria and viruses is significantly reduced. 

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Going home doesn't have to be scary.

Rehabilitation can happen at home. Call us today to learn more. 

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