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Struggling with high energy bills?

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

If you’re struggling to pay your energy bills, our bill assistance programs, and a home weatherization program can help. It’s easy to learn if you’re eligible for bill assistance or free home weatherization upgrades.

Behind on your Payments?

If you’re behind on your payments, don’t wait! Please call today to get a manageable plan in place. Bill assistance programs can take time to go through the process. In the meantime, get on a payment plan that works for you. You can participate in any of the assistance programs and bill payment plans together to keep your power and/or gas from being turned off. By creating a payment plan, you don’t have to pay your outstanding bill all at once. We will work with you to produce a manageable payment schedule with a realistic timeline for up to 18 months.

To get started, call PSE Customer Care at 1-888-225-577 or visit PSE website.

Do you qualify for assistance?

If you live in King County and your monthly income does not exceed the limits below, you may qualify for one of these programs. Assistance can be provided for both gas and electric bills. Contact your local agency to verify if you qualify and to apply for these assistance programs.

Let us help get you back on track!

Paying bills can be stressful, but we’re here to help. Below are programs that can help assist with your energy bills.

PSE Home Energy Lifeline Program (HELP)

PSE’s Home Energy Lifeline Program (HELP) provides assistance for residential customers to help pay electric or natural gas bills. If you qualify, we’ll credit your account for up to $1,000. Begin your application to receive the help you need. Then contact your local Community Agency to complete the HELP application.

LIHEAP program

This government program provides financial assistance so eligible households can maintain affordable, dependable utility services and avoid disconnection. Your local agency can help you with eligibility requirements and your application.

The Salvation Army Warm Home Fund

If you have already applied for or received HELP and LIHEAP and have received an Urgent or Final notice on your energy bill or your service has been disconnected, this program can help. Administered by the Salvation Army and funded by voluntary contributions from PSE customers, employees, and investors. The Warm Home Fund provides short-term, emergency bill payment assistance to PSE customers facing financial difficulties. Contact your local Salvation Army to learn more. Below you will find contact information for King County local agencies by program and where in King County you are located.

How to make your home more comfortable?

Are you looking for help to reduce your energy bill and make your home more comfortable? These home upgrade programs can help:

Home Weatherization Assistance

Having a home that’s uncomfortable — too cold or too hot — and having high energy bills are usually the results of a home that’s not properly protected from the weather. For example, when your home has unsealed air leaks that allow heated air to escape, your heater has to work longer and harder to keep your home, and the people in it, comfortable. The solution to this problem is called weatherization. It’s the process of protecting your entire home so that the air you heat stays where you want it: inside your home.

The Home Weatherization Assistance program is a partnership between PSE, federal and state funding sources. It’s a way for us to connect our income-qualified customers to the local agencies that can assess your home and provide free, whole-home upgrades to help lower your monthly energy bill. The first step you need to take is to contact your local agency to see if you qualify.

To apply, Seattle residents should contact the Seattle Office of Housing (206-684-0244) and for all other King County residents should contact the King County Housing Authority (206-214-1240).

For additional information or questions please visit

Efficiency Boost

PSE created the Efficiency Boost program to offer higher rebates on energy-efficient upgrades for low to moderate income-qualified customers. We want to help you work on improving the comfort and efficiency of your home without breaking the bank. These higher rebates can help put greater energy efficiency, and long-term utility bill savings, within reach. If you don’t qualify for Home Weatherization Assistance or can’t wait to make repairs, Efficiency Boost can help.

To get started, refer to the income guidelines for moderate-income customers. If you think you may qualify, or if you have questions, the next step is to contact an Energy Advisor at 1-800-562-1482 to establish eligibility.

If you live in a manufactured home, you may receive a higher rebate for making upgrades to your home, even if you do not qualify for Efficiency Boost. If you don’t qualify for Efficiency Boost, check out our standard residential rebates.

In partnership with PSE providing helpful tips and billing assistance

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