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Happy Lunar New Year

COMPASSION | We practice compassion at every juncture. Compassion looks like listening and respect. From the first phone call to the last care shift, we want you to feel heard and respected. We have a culture of client safety and a client well-being, first model.

ACCOUNTABILITY | We are accountable to the Joint Commission, an organization that accredits medical institutions who adhere to specific safety and quality guidelines. We track client outcomes and satisfaction to constantly improve processes. Joint Commission standards means the level of care you receive is a notch above the rest.

RESULTS | We long to see our client's lives improve. Improvement does not always mean forward progress. Not all conditions and diseases get better, but every person can have a better quality of life. At EverHome we look for the big ways and the little ways that we can make a difference in a person's life.

EXPERTISE | We are owned by doctors who specialize in rehabilitation and neuropsychology, and our staff is managed by nurses. Our combined knowledge and years of experience make us unique. Because of this we can take on high-acuity, complex cases.

Call 425-275-5858 to speak to an Intake Specialist 24 hours, 7 days a week!

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