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From the Hospital to Home - Going Home Does Not Have to Be Scary

EverHome’s Safe at Home Program Offers an Alternative to Skilled Nursing Facilities

Following a major injury or hospitalization, many people are not in a place to simply go home and resume “normal” life.  In order to be successful, they need medical oversight from doctors and nurses, 24-hour support, and the guidance of rehabilitation experts, such as physical, occupational and speech therapists. The historic solution has been to send patients who are discharging from the hospital to a skilled nursing facility, also referred to as a SNF. SNFs do an essential job of transitioning patients out of the hospital setting, but they also have significant drawbacks. A high concentration of patients means higher infection rates, less privacy, less control over schedule, and strict family visiting policies. Covid-19 has only exacerbated these issues. Recent studies have shown, that skilled facilities are one of the primary places that Covid-19, as well as other infections, has been spreading and that these patients are some of the most at-risk individuals for succumbing to Covid-19. This is leading to a phenomenon that hospital discharge planners are calling “Skilled Nursing Home Diversion”, or “SNF Diversion”. In short, “SNF Diversion” is just people wanting to stay as far away from skilled nursing facilities as possible. EverHome Healthcare recognizing “SNF Diversion” as an issue, has developed a program called “Safe at Home”. “Safe at Home” is an alternative to the traditional rehabilitation model and offers some key benefits that set it apart from skilled nursing facilities.  

The first benefit of EverHome’s “Safe at Home” program is an obvious one, the comfort of home. In many skilled nursing facilities, patient rooms and common areas, such as bathrooms, are shared. Recovering in your own home, therefore offers the most privacy. Second, EverHome’s program affords the opportunity to have a dedicated, one-on-one caregiver. In skilled nursing facilities, one caregiver is typically responsible for several patients during their shift. What this means is that while you will have help in an emergency, you have less flexibility and support with things you would like to do personally. For instance, baths are typically given two to three times a week and at inconsistent times. With a personal caregiver, you choose the frequency and timing! You also have more flexibility with food preparation options, exercising, and activities.  Finally, being home also means having the freedom to visit with family members and have them involved with your care, as well as reduced chance of infection. Covid-19 has made it so that skilled nursing facilities are being very strict with visiting policies and some are allowing no visitors at all. The reason for this is due to the higher density of patients and their contacts, and therefore an increased number of potential COVID-19 exposure points. If you are home, it is just you, your care team, and your family, so exposure is kept to a minimum. EverHome Healthcare follows the same infection protocols as hospitals and other healthcare facilities with the use of PPE, proper hand hygiene, and infection tracking. 

Going home from the hospital can feel daunting. Thankfully, with EverHome Healthcare it doesn’t have to be scary.  Founded by rehab doctors, EverHome has always been focused on rehabilitation as a whole person endeavor.  Rather than just get people to a place of general “functionality”, we would like them to adjust to their new normal in their home environment, and therefore increasing their ability to thrive following hospitalization. Now you can skip the skilled facility and recover in the comfort of your own home with our “Safe at Home” program. If you or your loved one needs rehabilitation following a hospital stay, call EverHome Healthcare at 425.275.5858 to ask about our “Safe at Home” program. 

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